Monte Tamaro – Monte Lema mountain trail

A spectacular hike suspended between civilization and uncivilized valleys. The pre-alpine Monte  Tamaro – Monte Lema mountain trail is one of the most beautiful hikes of Ticino, and the spectacular view that you have during the whole hike extends itself between Locarnese, Luganese, the valleys, the lakes, the Swiss Alps, Ticino, Valais and Italy.

To start the crossing you climb about an hour to the summit of Monte Tamaro at 1 962 m a.s.l. Here you are rewarded with a magnificent view and it is the beginning of a not too demanding up and down along the crest of the mountain. The hike passes through peaks, slopes and alpine pastures, to reach Monte Lema, in Malcantone (1620 m a.s.l.). During the entire route, the view widens to the north over Lake Maggiore, Centovalli, Verzasca, Vallemaggia, Locarno and Bellinzona, while to the south you can see Lugano, its valleys and lake. The most majestic peaks of the Alps, such as Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn, also stand out.

Total length of the hike:

12.6 km

Total difference in altitude (excluding paths over summits):

421 m


4 h 30 min / 5 h


medium T2

Map Traversata Monte Tamaro – Monte Lema mountain trail