Mountain Bike

Well-marked and well maintained trails will allow you to visit the Monte Tamaro region with your Mountain Bike.
Fill up with energy and enjoy the total freedom of two wheels in contact with nature thanks to the E-Bike Charging Station (free of charge), a maintenance column at Alpe Foppa and an additional maintenance column at the departure of the cable car in Rivera.

Bike transport information

We can transport bicycles (electric and non-electric) with a maximum weight of 25 kg in our cabins.

Monte Tamaro – Malcantone

From Monte Tamaro there are various Mountain Bike routes in the direction of Malcantone where they branch off into a typical Ticino region of Sottoceneri, the gently undulating hilly landscape and dense vegetation, picturesque villages and large chestnut groves characterize it. The proposed itineraries take advantage of the official MTB network that winds through this fascinating territory.

Each of the five suggested routes has its own peculiarities, which can be discovered in the individual reference maps. Initially, they all follow the route from Alpe Foppa in the direction of Arosio, to then follow the different options in the Malcantone trail network.

The proposals concern circular itineraries with departure and arrival at the valley station of the Monte Tamaro cable car in Rivera. Some itineraries can be ideally interrupted at the bottom of the valley, for example at Ponte Tresa (public transport on site: boat/train), Caslano (boat/train), Magliaso (little train) or Agno (little train). The line of the train is the Ponte Tresa – Lugano which, at discretion, transports MTBs. From Lugano to Rivera there are several trains offering limited MTB transport; inquire in time about the limitations.