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Monte Tamaro is home to a marvel of contemporary architecture: the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Designed by the world-famous architect Mario Botta, the church is built of porphyry and located at the edge of a slope, beyond which there is an extraordinary panoramic view. At Alpe Foppa you will find the Artistic Walk, a one-kilometre-long walk along which you can admire statues and works of art by various artists such as Luca Marcionelli and Jaya Schürch. “Una montagna d’arte“, an initiative of Monte Tamaro SA and the Egidio and Mariangela Cattaneo Foundation, regularly organises biennial exhibitions at Alpe Foppa. In 2018/2019 the exhibition was dedicated to the sculptures of Ivo Soldini, in 2021/2022 the biennal hosted “The Universe of Riccardo Cordero“.  Finally, concerts and events round off the offer of culture and art.

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