Il Guardiano del Tempio

Il Guardiano del Tempio

The Guardiano del tempio is a sculpture by Luca Marcionelli, a monolithic totem 4 meters high laid on September 10, 2006 on Alpe Foppa. Guardiano del Tempio means “guardian of the temple”. It is one of the sculptures encountered along the Artistic Walk and represents Egidio Cattaneo, the visionary founder of Monte Tamaro SA.

Figures of the sculpture

Sculpture's name:
Il Guardiano del Tempio
Luca Marcionelli
Granite of Castione and Peccia
84 x 60 x 360 cm


Luca Marcionelli is originally from Bironico, was born in Bellinzona, where he resides, in 1953. After the obligatory schools he works in a quarry in Cresciano and he then decides to enroll the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan where he receives the certificate in sculpture in 1977. In 1976 he takes over the laboratory of the sculptor Pierino Sulmoni in Arbedo.