Sustainability - Monte Tamaro: discover our commitment


“Sustainability is close to our hearts” is a phrase you’ve probably heard before. But what does it mean in concrete terms? For our part, we can say that we try to do our best to achieve our sustainability goals in the short, medium and long term. Here are some examples of what we have already implemented:

– For several years now, local or regional products have been used in the gastronomy, as for instance the Alpe Foppa cheese, which is produced just a few metres from the Restaurant Alpe Foppa away.
– Where possible, local workers are selected for infrastructure work. This attention is also a commitment we have been pursuing for several years now.
– Many years ago, waste sorting came into force for the whole destination.
– Particular attention is paid to using recycled materials where possible.
– In 2020, two major milestones were achieved in the gastronomy sector: on one hand, we have the use of environmentally friendly containers, and on the other, the elimination of plastic at both the Alpe Foppa Restaurant and the Snack Bar at the Middle Station of the cable car.
– Our Brunch to Go is composed of local and regional products, served in eco-friendly containers and delivered in a 100% organic cotton bag that can be easily reused as a backpack.

As you can see, it is not just an advertising slogan, but we try to apply it every day and continue to improve in the future. How? Here are some examples:

– Our cable car will soon be completely replaced. The project also includes a major photovoltaic system and various energy recovery measures. All this will make our district completely self-sufficient in energy throughout the year.
– Optimisation of internal processes to increase digitisation and decrease paper use.

Do you need further proof?


Switzerland Tourism has launched the Swisstainable (Swiss + Sustainable) programme to promote a tourist offer that is not only attractive, but above all sustainable. We obtained the first level of this certification in April 2021 and during the season we committed ourselves to improving the sustainable development of our company, thus achieving the second level of Swisstainable – engaged.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an application created to save food that would no longer be consumed. It allows restaurants not to throw away food and the consumer to buy tasty food or meals at a favourable price. Since May 2021 you can also find the Magic Boxes of Restaurant Alpe Foppa on Too Good To Go!


OK:GO is an initiative of the Accessible Switzerland Association with the aim of providing information about the accessibility of Swiss tourist destinations. Since 2021, we have also registered data on the accessibility of the cable car departure station, the cable car itself, the Restaurant Alpe Foppa and the Santa Maria degli Angeli Church.


Cause we care - Together for even more sustainability

“Cause we care” is a project of myclimate, which was set up with the aim of promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism in Switzerland thanks to the cooperation and participation of tourism companies, associations, and private individuals.
The mechanism of “Cause we care” is very simple. The guest gives a monetary contribution. Part of the contribution will go into our company’s “Cause we care” fund and will be used to implement sustainable projects of Monte Tamaro SA. The rest of the contributions will go to support the project we selected, “Solar panels for education and quality of life“, thus ensuring that the CO2 emissions of the cable car trip are offset. For its part, Monte Tamaro SA invests the same contribution as the guest in its own local sustainability programme.


Currently, the “Cause we care” contribution is integrated into the Brunch to Go ticket, with a value of CHF 0.50. From the 2022 season, a fixed contribution of CHF 1.00 will also be levied on the Adventure Park’s combined offer for the Big Trail (adults and children) and for the Middle Trail.