Panoramic Walk - Monte Tamaro: nature combined with spectacular views

Panoramic Walk

The Panoramic Walk combines unique views and culture

The Panoramic Walk is suitable for every family member. This 50-minutes-walk partly follows the Artistic Walk, adding another path, from where you can have a magnificent view on the surrounding mountains. Starting from Restaurant Alpe Foppa , walk around the nearby ridge to reach Zottone, a quiet and shady area overlooking the wild Trodo Valley. The route then climbs to panoramic point two, which offers a full view of the entire Alpe Foppa area, the Bellinzonese and the Alps of the region of Bergamo in the background. The descending goes along part of the Artistic Walk to panoramic point one and then back to the Restaurant Alpe Foppa .

We recommend walking it counterclockwise. The Panoramic Walk is signposted as follows:

Main stops: Restaurant Alpe Foppa– Zottone – panoramic point two – panoramic point one – Restaurant Alpe Foppa

Itinerary details

2.6 km
Total climb / descent:
141 m / 141 m
Time required:
50 min