Take off on a paraglider from Alpe Foppa on Monte Tamaro and fly over the Vedeggio valley with a magnificent 360-degree view ranging from Pizzo Vogorno to Camoghé, Monte Bar and the Denti della Vecchia.

At Monte Tamaro, you can take off on your own with your paraglider or organise a tandem flight with one of the professional pilots listed below.

Would you like to experience the thrill of flying, feel the air currents and see breathtaking views from above? Then tandem flying is perfect! Installed in a light harness, together with professional pilots, you can enjoy this magnificent experience.

Tandem flights are open to everyone (minors require parental consent).


Flight information

Here you will find the information about the take-off on Monte Tamaro and the landing site in Bironico.

The coordinates of the Bironico landing site are as follows:
2 715 370 / 1 107 880 (CH1903+) – 8° 55′ 51.4″ / 46° 6′ 45.2″ (WGS84)

Check the Alpe Foppa weather station


The prices refer to the ride with the cable car

Adults (+16)
Paragliding one way ticket
CHF 22.00
Paragliding day pass
CHF 31.00

Tandem flights

At Monte Tamaro it is possible to make tandem paragliding flights with a professional pilot. Contact the pilots directly for further information and appointments.

Fly Ticino
+41 79 796 76 18
Franco Kessel
+41 79 444 44 14
Renato Wüest
+41 79 444 14 45
René Pfyl
+41 79 423 85 66
Gabriela Wulz
+41 79 253 99 53
Lorenz Barchi
+41 79 267 83 74