Alpe Foppa – Duragno – Piano di Mora

A highly varied route that is essentially divided into three distinct sections

The first section, between Alpe Foppa and Alpe Duragno, follows a relatively flat path that runs along the mountain and offers a suggestive view of Lugano and its lake. It then continues along a steeper stretch to Faedone. From here, a path that is constantly immersed in beech woods leads to Nanazzo and then reaches the Piano di Mora by crossing the wild Val Zarigo.
A very interesting route for those who want to reach the intermediate station of the cable car from Alpe Foppa, along a longer but more evocative and less frequented path.


Main stops: Alpe Foppa (Mountain station of the cable car) – Duragno – Faedone – Monti Nanazzo – Piano di Mora (intermediate station of the cable car)

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7.4 km

Total climb/descent:

304 m / 708 m

Time required:

2 h 30 min


Medium – T2