The Alpe Foppa becomes more accessible! - Monte Tamaro - nature and adventure in the Canton of Ticino

The Alpe Foppa becomes more accessible!

We are pleased to announce this season’s news: the JST Multidrive all-terrain wheelchair is now available at Monte Tamaro!

Thanks to the valued collaboration with the Cerebral Foundation, from this season you can rent a JST Multidrive and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view from the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli or comfortably reach the terrace of the restaurant Alpe Foppa and its surroundings. This is a first step towards better accessibility with the idea of expanding the offer in the near future.

Further Information about the rental

Cerebral Foundation

The Cerebral Foundation is a charitable association founded in 1961 with the aim of supporting and advising affected people and families. It works to ensure that people with motor disabilities of cerebral origin and their families can live a life that is as mobile, self-determined and carefree as possible.