News at the Adventure Park

The big new for this new season is the expansion of the Middle Parcours of the Adventure Park Monte Tamaro, which has been made more exciting with new challenging elements. The new exercises have been built using an innovative system that allows the tree to grow without obstacles.

The tree trunk is pierced from side to side and the hole is cauterized, namely disinfected, to prevent infection, fungus, or rot (in other words, it is healed). A stainless-steel bar is placed inside the hole, on which the entire wooden platform is built without touching the tree.

In general, all the safety cables that are anchored to the trees in our Adventure Park are not placed directly in contact with the tree, but on a wooden protection, without the use of nails or screws.

Thanks to these systems, the tree has room to grow and its health is not affected in any way. In addition, all our beech trees are checked regularly and are constantly monitored by a forestry engineer.


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