Monte Tamaro – no. 362

Enjoying an exciting and varied route between Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore

A circular route along which you can enjoy a magnificent view over Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore. Characterized by a mix of technical stretches both uphill and downhill and others that are very smooth and flowing.

The trail starts at Alpe Foppa (mountain station of the cable car), where you find the Church Santa Maria degli Angeli, the Alpe Foppa Restaurant, the coaster bobs and the Zip line. From here, the first steep ascent is along a wide dirt track. On the way up, an impressive view of the entire region can be admired, ranging from the Po Plain to the Valais Alps. After a difference in altitude of 330 metres, you reach the Capanna Tamaro intermediate stage near the large antenna, which is open to the public and from where you can enjoy a magnificent view over the valley floor, Bellinzona at north and Lugano with Lake Ceresio at south. To the west you can see Lake Maggiore, dominated by Locarno and its delta. Here you can refresh yourself and regain your strength for the next long single trail, which is technically demanding.

A difficult traverse leads first to the fork just before Monte Tamaro and then to the hairpin bends leading to Bassa di Indemini. This section is still quite demanding. The trail then enters the beautiful coniferous forest of the Valle Cusella: the further you go, the smoother the route becomes. After Alpe Canigiolo a beautiful high-level path follows the slope towards Alpe Torricella. Continuing through the woods you reach Arosio, which is part of the municipality of Alto Malcantone. This is followed by a rewarding flow trail through the woods and after a few bends reaches Bedano on the valley floor. In the final stretch, the mountain bike has to be pushed in some places.

The return route passes through characteristic historic neighbourhoods. At Torricella, cyclists cross a bridge over the A2 motorway. Near Taverne the route reaches the river Vedeggio, which is followed to a fork in the road and then on to Mezzovico. In this short stretch you are between the motorway and the railway line. But only for a short time: afterwards, the route continues slightly uphill to the characteristic hamlets of Capidogno and Soresina, before returning to the valley station of the cable car.

This route is signposted as follows:


Main stops:

Alpe Foppa (mountain station of the cable car)– Capanna Tamaro – Bassa d’ Indemini – Alpe Canigiolo – La Bassa – Alpe di Torricella – Arosio – Bedano – Soresina – Rivera (valley station of the cable car)


31.7 km


72 % gravel road (of which 14.6 km of Single Trail), 28% asphalted

Total climb / descent:

755 m / 1 809 m

Time required:

3 h






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Charging station (free) for e-bikes and a small service station for all mountain bikes at Alpe Foppa. A second service station is located at the bottom station of the cableway in Rivera.