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The Santa Maria degli Angeli chapel, designed by world-famous architect Mario Botta, is a marvel of contemporary architecture and features paintings by Enzo Cucchi.
A visit to the church is a “must”. This impressive edifice built on a spur of the mountain offers a place for meditation as well as a new perspective on the landscape. The chapel, built between 1992 and 1996, is dedicated to Santa Maria degli Angeli (Saint Mary of the Angels), and its innovative design represents a new take on religious architecture.
Built of porphyry, it stands on the edge of a slope opening onto an amazing panorama. The paintings by Enzo Cucchi occupy two main areas – the vault of the footbridge, where there is a tall cypress tree, and the very heart of the church. The deep-blue apse features hands cupped in offering. Twenty-two panels above the windows also continue the Marian iconography.
Capuchin Father Giovanni Pozzi, a leading expert on forms of prayer and spirituality, composed the twenty-two litanies which Enzo Cucchi has translated into attractive and evocative images.
Monte Tamaro Chapel Santa Maria degli Angeli Interview - Guide with Arch. Mario Botta
Santa Maria
The Santa Maria degli Angeli chapel, designed by world-famous architect Mario Botta, is a marvel of contemporary architecture and features paintings by Enzo Cucchi.
Unique work of art by sculptress Jaya Schürch setted up at Alpe Foppa on 15 October 2008.
The Temple Guardian
Luca Marcionelli’s monolithic 4-metre-high statue erected on the 10th September 2006.
Our Lady of Tamaro
Bronze statue of the Madonna and Child by sculptor Antonio Danzi Viggiù erected on 15 June 1985.

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of art

An exhibition (2018-2019) of artist Ivo Soldini’s works, opens the biennial artistic project at Monte Tamaro.
For further information:
The exhibition presents a selection of 19 monumental sculptures created by Ivo Soldini during the past two decades and accompanies the visitor through the sculptor’s career and his favorite themes, related to the human figure.
A new way of experiencing art within and in dialogue with the territory. The visitor c onfronts himself with the works of art in a direct and immediate manner, overcoming the diffidence and the sense of unfamiliarity that often undermine the non-specialist public’s impact with contemporary art in institutional showrooms. “Una Montagna d’Arte” is an initiative of Monte Tamaro SA and the Egidio e Mariangela Cattaneo Foundation.

Ivo Soldini was born on 9 October 1951 in Lugano and currently resides in Ligornetto. After attending primary and high school in Ticino, he studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and at the Università Statale in Milan. From 1973 he begins an intense exhibition activity and from 1975 he devotes himself mainly to sculptures of small and medium format, mainly in bronze, but also in aluminum and plaster, accompanied, especially in recent years, by monumental sculptures. The debut productions reveal a classical influence alternated with a naturalistic one, and an affinity to the movement of expressionism and informal art.

Share your photos of the exhibition on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #unamontagnadarte and #montetamaro and tag the Monte Tamaro Official page!

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